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Florida divorce forms

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Divorce Residency Essentials to Get Divorce in Florida

To file for divorce in a Florida court, one or both spouses must have lived in Florida for at least six months. It is not necessary that both parties currently live in Florida. One party must live within the state while the other could live anywhere else in the world.

Mail In Filing

In the state of Florida, many counties allow parties to mail in forms to the courthouse for filing. If this option is chosen, the parties will never have to appear in court. This practice will vary from county to county. Specific instructions regarding filing by mail are provided by OnlineDivorceSolutions.com when you finish answering the questionnaire online. For more information about filing by mail, as it affects your divorce without an attorney, contact the clerk of courts when you’ve completed your documents. You can also take the documents to the courthouse in person. Some Florida counties do not permit mail in filing, and in some cases such an action is not appropriate.

Reasons for Divorce in Florida

The state of Florida has two separate grounds for divorce. The two grounds for divorce within the state of Florida are a marriage which is irretrievably broken and the mental incapacity of one or more parties for at least three years prior to the filing of the divorce.

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Filing fees

The fees to file a divorce within the state of Florida are in addition to the cost of using OnlineDivorceSolutions.com. Filing fees vary from county to county. Check with your local courthouse for the exact amount. Planning ahead can result in an inexpensive divorce process with no unexpected costs associated with the filing of your paperwork with the state.

How Long Will it Take?

Using OnlineDivorceSolutions.com is a fast and easy service. It usually takes between 30 and 60 minutes to fill out the forms depending on the complexity of your case. Because Florida does not have a mandatory waiting period after filing your case, it can be quite quick to obtain a divorce. It is possible, however, that the judge may choose to continue (delay) your case for up to three months to allow a chance for reconciliation. Usually, this is not an issue for an uncontested divorce.

Divorce forms

The forms produced by OnlineDivorceSolutions.com are the same forms which are approved by the Florida supreme court and are found in the family law rules of procedure. Utilizing these divorce documents can allow for a quick and easy online divorce without an attorney.

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