We Offer a 100% Acceptance Guarantee

With years of experience in the divorce field, the team at OnlineDivorceSolutions.com are confident in the forms we prepare. We offer a 100% acceptance guarantee, assuming that you use the divorce forms following the instructions we include and file them within 30 days of receipt. If the court does not accept the forms due to the fault of OnlineDivorceSolutions.com, we will make any needed changes at no charge. In the highly unlikely event that we cannot remedy this situation, we'll issue an immediate refund of the full purchase price.

Thirty Day Refund Policy

OnlineDivorceSolutions.com provides vital services beyond simply preparing your divorce forms. We answer your questions, furnish access to legal citations and supply filing instructions. The customer care provided during your online divorce is just part of the valuable services we provide. For this reason, do not offer a refund in cases where customers access our services, such as our questionnaire, online divorce forms, specialized instructions or our customer care center. Realize that we cannot provide a guarantee that a customer's spouse will sign the divorce documents. If you do not access the services, you can request a refund within 30 days of purchase.

Benefits of OnlineDivorceSolutions.com

We Are NOT a Document Warehouse OnlineDivorceSolutions.com is not a legal document clearinghouse. We specialize in providing customized divorce forms only. These forms change regularly and vary from state to state. Unlike a document mill, OnlineDivorceSolutions.com follows these changes and adjusts every form before our clients are impacted.

Always Up-to-Date

We strive to keep all forms up-to-date. Our divorce forms are legal and should be accepted without question by your local courthouse. If there are any issues with acceptance, we will correct them for no additional charge.

Industry Experience

OnlineDivorceSolutions.com has helped thousands of users just like you file their divorce online without a lawyer. We are confident in our process with the fastest service and most thorough questionnaire available. We employ knowledgeable professionals who know your local laws to make sure every case goes through seamlessly. Our customers appreciate how easy and affordable a divorce can be using OnlineDivorceSolutions.com.

Quick and Affordable Uncontested Divorce

Because we utilize an innovative software program and real-time form deployment, we can offer speed no other service does. Plus with our $ price point, our clients are saving thousands versus hiring an attorney.

Unmatched Customer Care

You can reach the OnlineDivorceSolutions.com customer support team 24 hours a day and seven days a week by email or during regular business hours on the phone. Although we don't answer legal questions, we will guide you through the questionnaire process, and we can connect you to our Live Lawyer service that can answer all your legal questions.

Secure and Trustworthy

There are no concerns about security when you use OnlineDivorceSolutions.com. In fact, most of the time the only people who see your documents are you and your spouse--until you file with the court. All documents generated with OnlineDivorceSolutions.com are protected by Verisign, a leader in encryption technology. OnlineDivorceSolutions.com is protected by Verisign, the clear leader in the secure encryption technology industry. Additionally, our servers are housed in a highly-secure data center in the U.S. All of the info you provide is guarded according to the highest standards and information will not be released for commercial or any other purpose.